Enderlin City Council....
First reading of 2015 preliminary budget

By Ruth E. McCleerey
At their Tuesday, September 2nd meeting, the Enderlin 
City Council, with all members present (Mayor Deon Maasjo, 
council members Kevin Bunn, Shelly Hanson, Chris Sandvig, 
Dean Torbenson, Duane Skramstad, Tim Michaelson), and city 
auditor Cyndee Chesley, city engineer Tom Klabunde,   
community affairs advocate Sara Dixson, city attorney Fallon 
Kelly, and public works superintendent Rick Gillund present, 
they approved on first reading the city’s preliminary budget 
for 2015.
Chesley walked the council through the preliminary budget 
that had been put together by herself, Maasjo, Bunn and Skramstad. 
The budget mirrors the 2014 budget, with few raises. The following 
figures were approved on first reading:
Revenue: General Fund, $681,200; Special Revenue Funds, 
$79,900; Sales Tax Fund, $123,950; Golf Course, $60,200; Special 
Assessment Funds, $806,116; Enterprise Funds, $1,551,276; Trust 
and Agency Funds: Airport, 7.22 mills; Municipal Arts, 4.34 mills; 
Library, 13.02 mills; Cemetery, 1.84 mills; for a total of $54,410.
Note: One mills = $2,713.10.
Klabunde gave an update on the Center Street Sewer/Street 
Project. He told the council that the Quam Construction crew 
uncovered lead service lines and estimated that to replace them 
would cost $2,000 each. The council, following discussion, felt that 
it would be wise to replace these lines; Torbenson made this motion, 
it was seconded by Hanson and approved by all.
Should residents wish to get work done, hooking up their homes 
to the new lines, they need to contact the city.
The council approved payment of a partial payment to Quam 
Construction, $102,114, and Moore Engineering bill for $8,150.
The council also voted to allow Maasjo and Chesley to sign 
bond payments in the amount of $365,500.
Dixson was present to answer any questions concerning the 
Community Development Committee budget and to also update 
them on plans for SunFest on the 19th, 20th and 21st. The city crew 
will be working with Dixson in preparing for the event.
Dixson also said that she has received on Renaissance inquiry 
and will keep the council in the loop if it develops.
Discussion concerning the city’s police protection contract with 
Ransom County. The city in the past has approved paying 31 percent 
of the sheriff’s budget, but due to a financial short-fund, in 2014 the 
city paid 26 percent. The council pledged to pay the full 31 percent 
in their 2015 budget.
Also discussed was the possible raising of both water and sewer 
rates in order to bring these funds out of the red. Figures will be put 
together and put on the October meeting agenda.
The council approved a revision of 10.10041 “Restricting or 
Preventing Use of Railroad Crossings” amendment on first reading. 
The council has received numerous complaints from citizens 
concerning how long trains block some or all of the public crossings. 
The revisions include prohibition of blocking crossings longer 
than five minutes, except when necessary to avoid striking any 
object or person on the track. 
Evidence that a train or portion of a train or any equipment used 
in the operation of a railroad system is restricting the crossings 
will require proof and cited as a Class B Misdemeanor. Fines for 
violation of this ordinance would be $750. Individuals would be 
fined $500 minimum sentence, 2 consecutive days in jail and a fine 
of $500.
If detained at a crossing, a call to State Radio, and verifying 
the lead locomotive’s number.
Queen Pin (Sparetime Lounge) requested allowing them to 
host a special permit license to sell liquor on Wednesday, September 
10th at the Enderlin City Auditorium. It will be a wine and cheese 
social and will provide the public with information of the Enderlin 
Area endowment Fund, benefitting the communities of Enderlin, 
Alice, Nome and Sheldon. 
The council approved the request.
The council advised Kelly to prepare nuisance ordinance 
paperwork to be sent to E. Stenson concerning his commercial 
endeavors in a residential area.  The city also talked about Maria 
Parent’s property and the need for it to be cleaned up. Kelly will 
check the legality of the vehicles on this property.  Two properties 
on Sixth Avenue were also discussed and what could be done 
concerning them.
The city has been working with Bernice Utke concerning 
widening the corner off of Highway 46 on Broadway Street. The 
city’s purchase of the property and removing the fire damaged 
house from Utke is being researched.
The council set September 15th for a special hearing to petition 
to vacate an alley, allowing the Niedringhaus’ to building a garage.
The Enderlin Housing Authority Governing Board sent a letter 
to the city. The board had held their annual meeting on August 14th 
and discussed the income and expense, bond debt service and 
designated sales tax collection concerning the Crestwood apartments. 
Rental rates were discussed according to the board minutes and long 
term strategies were suggested to the city council.
The board strongly was urging the sale of the Crestwood 
Apartments through a public bidding process to a private part 
and the cessation of the designated half-cent city sales tax.
During discussion by the council, it was determined that the 
city would like to sell the property but can not sell this property 
for less than the balance of the bond, which is currently at $495,000. 
Gillund submitted a written report.  He told the council that 
the crew will continue spraying for mosquitos. The report said that 
the tree pile at the landfill had been burnt, most of the curbstops 
had been located and worked, a line had been put in the orange 
IHC snow plow truck and had been taken in for a check on the 
head gasket, painting had been done on all contact basins, a culvert 
had been put in across from the water plant, the swimming pool
drained and winterized. Reflectors were put on the deadend of 
Fifth Avenue on Roosevelt, and also on 11th Avenue.
Gillund also said that more concrete work at the pool will 
be done, was looking at costs to lease a different road grader 
with a wing.  The computer at the water plant has been taken 
in for repair.
Also reported was that the city had received delivery of a 
new snow blower and pallet forks.
Building permits were approved from Jerard Ottman for 
a storage shed, Chris Iwen for a shed, Lee Karvonen for the 
addition of eaves, and Julie Ussatis for repair of steps and railing.
The October city council meeting will be held at 7pm on
Wednesday, October 1st.

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