Comparing mortgage interest rates can be a time consuming task. With many banks changing their rates on a monthly basis, not to mention an assortment of rates of interest being made available for fixed and variable repayment terms – it can be quite challenging to keep on top of the consistent shifts and changes. Fortunately, comparing these types of home loan rates are just one of the services that many mortgage brokers specialise in, but how can they help with the comparison exactly?

Access to data files

A lot of brokers understand how time consuming comparisons can be and this is why many compile databases of information relating to banks, their rates and any fluctuations that may take place as and when they occur. This is one of the ways that home loan brokers can help with comparisons – and as much of the information is already there, they should be able to compile a list and then prepare a document for their clients to peruse and proceed with.

Some brokers prefer to keep their practices a little more traditional however, and where databases can be a very effective way to keep on top of the latest rates as and when they are updated; they aren’t always entirely accurate and can sometimes suffer with glitches. This is why plenty of potential home buyers opt for traditional services; which might take longer as the broker will approach banks in their arsenal one at a time – but the results can typically be more reliable.

The ability to reach the highest rungs of the ladder

There are certain brokers that have dedicated their careers to developing working relationships with banks – and as you might imagine, this can make the process of finding a cheap deal much easier. By being able to turn to any contacts within a bank or building society, a broker should be able to see if there are cheaper options available – even if they aren’t publicly accessible.

Furthermore, the rates that are proposed on a banks website could even be negotiable – and this is something else that a broker should be able to help with. Because of the negotiable nature of some rates, not to mention particular terms and conditions proposed by banks (such as repayment schedules and flexibility), a mortgage broker with experience in negotiations may even be able to take a regular rate and approach a bank with a better offer – one that could save you thousands.