Enderlin City Council.....
July meeting short but productive

By Ruth E. McCleerey
At their Wednesday, July 2nd meeting, the Enderlin City Council met at 7pm with the following members present: Mayor Deon Maasjo, council members Shelly Hanson, Duane Skramstad, Dean Torbenson, Tim Michaelson, Kevin Bunn and Chris Sandvig, attorney Fallon Kelly, auditor Cyndee Chesley, public works superintendent Rick Gillund, Keith Brandt, Howard Rasmusson, Eric Schultz, and Enderlin Independent reporter Ruth McCleerey.

On their agenda first up was a Public Hearing concerning a request of a Payment in Lieu of Taxes from Howard Rasmusson on the duplex rental property.   Maasjo told the council that there were no negatives from competitive properties in Enderlin and both the Enderlin Area School District and Liberty Township could find no problem with the request. 
A resolution approving the payment of $300 annually over ten years was made by the council.
Maasjo announced that there will be a Pre-Construction Meeting on the upcoming District 2014-1-Sewer/Street Project on Wednesday, July 9th at 11am. The project is for the replacement of the sewer and street on Center Street from Ninth Avenue to Feeney Drive.
Schultz was at the meeting to  find out if he would be responsible for expenses of tearing down the house on Fifth Avenue should he purchase the property for the current owner? The city spent $1,500 in the demolition of the property last year because it was a public safety nuisance. Torbenson made a motion to not assess the city’s expenses, as has been set by precedence;  it was seconded by Sandvig. It was approved by all members of the council. 
Brandt was once more at the council meeting concerning the freezing waterline at the Plains Grain & Agronomy site east of Enderlin which the city had installed. He wanted to resolve this issue.
Maasjo said that Moore Engineering is talking to the contractor, but told Brandt that the city’s liability ends at the main, at the edge of the PGAg property line. To which Brandt said that this is a TIF project and the complete waterline was listed on the project. He wants to know who is at fault and responsible for the line only being four feet down.
Torbenson suggested that this situation needs resolution to which Maasjo said that he would get Moore Engineering and Haggar to come to a decision.
Two ordinances were on the agenda. The first was the second reading on  Traffic Visibility and Fences ordinances. The council approved the wording on second reading of setbacks, height of fence on both streets and alleys with a motion by Skramstad, seconded by Hanson.
The second ordinance was to approve amendments concerning the sale of city property. Equipment worth less than $100, just sell; real estate, if worth less than $2,500, just sell was the wording changes. Over these amounts, the city would be required to advertise for bids.  A motion was made by Sandvig, seconded by Torbenson, and approved by vote.
Concerning the city’s code violations, the question from the new owner (Kevin Jordet) of the property formerly owned by Linda Miller, was whether he is required to have the electrical work done inspected? Upon a motion by Sandvig and second by Skramstad, it was determined that the city would hire the same inspector that they used previously concerning this property.
Also discussed concerning building permits was the need for a contractor’s license number to be included on the form.
Maasjo informed the Council that the North Dakota Health Department had made an inspection of the Golf Course kitchen and provided a list of three items that needed to be improved. They were: 1) three compartment sink or a dishwasher; 2) kitchen area floors and countertops in bad shape, including carpet in ladies restroom; and 3) need a sneeze guard on buffet setup.
The city will get quotes for doing the necessary work.
The council approved a motion to clean up the property and charge back to taxes owned by Maria Parent.
Sandvig (Ransom County Deputy) told the council that the trailer where there had been a drug bust, will be demolished.
Sandvig also reminded the public that if they see something suspicious, they need to CALL 911, not text the sheriff’s department. Action happens when using the correct method....911.
Building permits were approved during June. They were: siding and a deck for Eric Schultz; and remodeling in the Enderlin Insurance building (formerly the Professional Building).
The major appointed Bunn and Skramstad to serve on the budget work committee. The committee also includes the mayor and auditor. They will set up meeting times some time soon.
In final business, it was noted that the August meeting will be a 7pm on August 4th.

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