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10 years ago........2004
Enderlin’s Speech Team consisting of Devin Claus, Anna Stansbery, Jared Kellerman, Justin Analetto, Max Kringen, Sarah Schmidt, Katie Billing and Ryan Handan headed to the State Class B Speech tournament in Mandan.  They qualified 15 speech events for State.  
Superintendent Jon Kringen informed the school board that people have been gaining access to the school and that he is recommending the board consider the purchase and installation of a security system.  
Enderlin lost a life time resident Donald O Jordet, passed away on April 16th.  Funeral services were held at the First Lutheran Church in Enderlin. 
Steve and Georgia welcomed their new daughter into the world ~ Ava LeAnn Olson was born April 6th and was welcomed home by her sister and brother Marah and Kadin.  
Enderlin FBLA took the Silver award at the North Dakota State Convention.  The students worked together as a team to capture the award.  The students were Max Kringen, Zach Eberhard, Eric Engstrom, Jay Jay Myhre, Devin Claus, Taylor Lee, Allison Fuhrman, Anna Stansbery, Kayla Wertman, Megan Spiekermeier, Nicole Bunn, Desiree Hoy and Amanda Swanson. 
The team was coached by Mr. Farnham. 

20 years ago..........1994
Enderlin held the Lil’ Miss Enderlin Pageant and receiving honors was Paige Eskelson, daughter of Guy Eskelson and Vickie Voigt. 
The Enderlin FBLA chapter came home with the gold on April 12th, when they returned from the State Leadership Conference in Bismarck.  The winning team consisted of Jon Rudolph, Josh Nelson, Bob Pfaff, Michelle Nudell, Mishelle Klockmann, Cindy Geske, Emily Lutgen, Jill Lawson, and Noelle Linnard.  
The Enderlin Odyssey of the Mind team qualified for world competition.  The program which began in 1978 consists of a creative problem solving activity of which members solve together as a team.  Members of the team were Paula Eskelson, Jana Simms, Andrew Lutgen, Tyson Hoy, Corey Rood, Kyle Archbold and Curtis Eskelson.  The team earned first place in their division but teammate Jana Simms also was awarded the Odyssey of the Mind’s most prstigious award ~ the “Ramatra Fusta Award” for outstanding creative ideas and risk-taking.  
The Enderlin School hosted prom on April 23rd and before taking all the glamorous decorations down, some of the residents of Hillcrest Manor enjoyed a night out with a dance in the gym.  The decorated gym was also utilized by the Lil Miss Pageant and the Odyssey of the Mind. 

30 years ago.........1984
Enderlin’s Music and Drama Departments presented Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance in the City Hall.  
Area Farmers began spring work.  Mid April is generally the time when spring fever crescendoes among farmers.  Spring fever for a farmer means thoughtas of little else besides tractors, drills, fertilizer and soil moisture.  In many cases it means rising with the sun, juggling meals around fieldwork and working past sundown.  
Coloring contest winners this year were Kari Johnson, Brett Lindemann, Emily Lutgen, Jon Rudolph, Jennifer Tingley, Danny Rolland, Wendy Scallen and Sandy Langer.  Each received special Easter baskets.  
Miss Vicki Leigh Stensgard age 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Allen Stensgard of Enderlin, ND has been selected for competition in the 1984 Modern Miss State Finals to be held at the Rapid City Hilton Inn in Rapid City, SD.  
Miss Stensgard is a student at Enderlin Public School.  Her activities include Pep Club, FHA, FBLA, FFA, livestock judging team, and cheerleader.  
In recognition of reading month, Enderlin grade school students shared their reading skills with the residents of Hillcrest Manor.  

40 years ago.......1974
Oliver is to be presented on May 10, 11 and 12 with Shelley Hamre as “Nancy”, Frank Egan as “Artful Dodger”, Greg Wolsky as “Fagin, and Kevin Froeber as “Oliver”.  
The city is losing two Mobil Agencies when one of Enderlin’s two gasoline service stations will be closed up later this month, Don’s Mobil Station, locatedin the Enderlin Business District will be completely shut down sometime towards the end of May.  
Owner-operator, Don Mykland explained that the closing of the business is due to Mobil Oil Company.  
Later this year, the Mobil bulk fuel plant will close down by the Mobil Oil Company, Don Chesley Mobil Bulk Fuel Agent reported that the present plant would have to be replaced.  However, the constructions costs are too high and therefore the plant will be closed down on July 1st.  
Lois Trapp’s column, “The View Along Hiway 46 earned two first place awards in the North Dakota Press Women’s writing contest.  Lois Trapp, writing for the Enderlin Independent received first place for best editorial in a weekly newspaper of 2,000 circulation or less, and first place for best personal column in a weekly newspaper of 2,000 circulation or less.  
The Hilton Hotel in Enderlin will undergo a change in owndership as Inga and Roy Haarsager recently completed a transaction selling the hotel to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bleeker of Lisbon.  
The Hilton, whose history dates back with the history of Enderlin, having been built by the Soo Line to house its employees, has been owned and operated by the Haarsagers for almost 14 years.  Their plans are now to stay in Enderlin and help the new owners get acquainted.  Mr. and Mrs. Bleeker and their five children will be moving here from Lisbon.  
Cherie Lee won a state award from the Future Business Leaders of America State Convention held in Bismarck, ND.  Cherie, a senior at EHS and local FBLA president was chosen from 15 candidates as North Dakota’s Miss FBLA Executive.  This honor was announced at a luncheon and she received a plaque for herself and one to remain in the school.  Competition included a written test and three ten-minute interviews.  Winning this title gives Cherie the opportunity to compete at a nation level in San Fancisco in June.  
As a community service this year the girls of the FHA have decided to purchase litter cans that look like Penguins.  A letter is being sent to all organizations.  The girls think the birds will really beautify our city but they need lots of help from you. 
Cindy Bartholomay of Sheldon has been chosen to be the delegate to the Girls State session.  She will attend Flickertal Girls State session on the University Campus in Grand Forks in June.  Miss Bartholomay is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Bartholomay of rural Sheldon. 

50 years ago........1964
A fire burned several holes in a garage on the Art Brandenburg farm east of Enderlin.  
Brandenburg had come in from the field and placed his tractor in the garage which also housed several other vehicles including a car and a truck.  
After parking the tractor he stopped at the house for a cup of coffee before going to the barn to do his chores.  Shortly after he had entered the barn, Mrs. Brandenburg’s mother noted smoke rising from the garage and the Enderlin Rural Fire Department was summoned. 
Betwen the time that the fire department was called and it arrived. the Brandenburg’s managed to clear the building of vehicles.  Firemen quickly doused the wall and roof, limiting the damage to a minimum.  
This Saturday and Sunday was chosen to show Enderlin’s new retirement home.  Hillcrest Manor, Enderlin’s new retirement home announced this week that the grand opening event is being planned this weekend.  Construction of the home was completed several weeks ago, but the opening has been delayed until a number of odds and ends were taken care of in preparation for the opening.  C.G. Bjerke, president of Hillcrest Manor, Inc., the incorporating group, noted this week that immediately following the grand opening the home will be ready for occupancy.  
Mrs. Mary Dressel, a native of Athens, Ohio, has been selected to manage the details of operating Hillcrest Manor in Enderlin.  Mrs. Dressel received her elementary education there and attended Ohio University. 
Mrs. Lois Trapp was named second vice president of the North Dakots’s Press Women’s Association.  Mrs. Trapp is a regular correspondent for the Enderlin Independent.  She writes the Highway 46 column which appears each week in ght Independent.  In her column this week she writes:  
I am not feeling very literary today.  There is nothing that I must communicate to a waiting world that it won’t be happy to do without, I am sure.  My mind is a clutter of personal problmes and nagging reminders of sewing to be done, cleaning long overdue, reports and meetings which are due.  
I have just about decided, in fact, that I am simply not the literary type, at least, not in the mind of some of our famous ladies of literature.  
Take Sara Teasdale, who was convinced that she lacked one layer of skin and so always wore long sleeves to hide her Jaeger underwear.  “When I am dead and over me bright April shakes out her rain drenched hair” she wrote, and died of an overdose of barbituites at 49. 
Or, there was Amy Lowell who wrote delicate little poems, smoked big black cigars, draped all her mirrors in black because she could not bear to look at herself, fought for every cause and spared no one the rough side of her tongue.  These women like others, were driven to give the world their art, at whatever cost. 
I, too, would like to give you something deathless instead of this pedestrian prose.  I think beatiful thoughts but the telephone always rings before I get them on paper.  So, I try to console myself with the thought that Amy Lowell problalbly never worried about making beds, washing clothes or getting tractor repair parts! 

60 years ago........1954
At a meeting in Enderlin District VFW asked for Bonus for Veterans of War in Korea.  A state bonus for Veterans of the Korean war was asked by the ninth district Veterans of Foreign Wars in Enderlin.  The request was in the form of a resolution adopted at the organizations annual convention in the VFW club room.  
The community is invited to see annual prom decorations at the high school auditorium.  “Come to the Mardi Gras” is the theme for the annual Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom.  Faculty advisors are Mrs. Tom Krom and Miss Helen Diemert.  The student director is Rose Mary Green.
Two hundred month old baby chicks and 175 laying hens were killed in a fire that destroyed the laying house at the Gilmar Rotvold farm a mile east of the Moore school Monday morning.  
The cause of the fire was undetermined.  The building was wired and a heat lamp was in use, but there was no way of telling whether the wiring or the lamp itself could have started the blaze.  
Remodeling started at the Grand Cafe and was temporarily closed.  Jerry Hansen, the proprietor said he planned to open for breakfast until about 9 a.m. and that the work on the main floor would be completed in time to reopen the restaurant the next morning. 
In addition to the redecorating job, the work includes rearranging the booths and putting a U-shaped counter in the center.  

80 years ago.......1934
A terrific dust storm was experienced Saturday.  What was said to be one of the worst dust storms ever experienced here occured in the state Saturcay afternoon.  The wind, reaching a high velocity shortly after the noon hour raised the fine dirt in dense clouds which drove residents inside.  
The dust was so thick at times that objects fifty feet away were invisible and lights were turned on because of darkness.  The continual drying process of persistent winds this month was responsible for the dense clouds.  
People on the highways were forced to turn on their lights and drive slowly or stopping all together on account of the dense cloud of dust.  Several reports were also heard of auto drivers running off the roads into the ditches. 
The storm was quite general throughout the state and in places ditches along the roads have been filled even with the grade.  Some damage is reported to early sown grain but to what extent cannot be told until later.  

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