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10 Years Ago..........2004
Robert Pribbenow’s garden, located in a low spot near the Maple River was nipped by the early frost.  We no longer have to wonder when our first frost will descend on Enderlin’s countryside.  On Friday morning, August 20th, right at dawn, the official weather station (whose thermometer’s are five feet above ground level) recorded 31 degrees fahrenheit.  The first fall frost is usually mid-to late-September and an August frost is about as common as a blue moon -- which as also had last month.  Weather records are nothing but recorded abnormalities and this year is no exception.
20 Years Ago..........1994
The United Transportation Union strike of the CP Rail System is over!  Why then don’t the UTU strikers feel happy and relieved?  Following President Clinton’s Monday, August 29th executive order ending the strike immediately, UTU Headquarters in Enderlin was buzzing with speculation of what this would mean to each one of them personally.
Bingo said that it won’t be the same railroad that they left seven weeks ago.  Too many hard feelings have come and gone to have  everything remain the same.
The Enderlin Indies Amateur baseball team is keeping up their winning tradition.  They brought home the North Dakota State Amateur Class AA champion title.  This is their sixth state title in the last eight years.  They have won three Class A titles and this is the third Class AA title.
30 Years Ago..........1984
The Enderlin Golf Course held its mens club tournament for members on Sunday, August 26.  Dale Kaber matched Sunday’s steamy temperatures and captured the tourney win by shooting a blistering hot score of 70 for 18 holes.  He was followed in the championship flight by Jerry Muchenhirn with 76, Dennis DeFehr with 79 and Paul Olson was fourth with 82.
Friday, August 31st: 8:45 p.m., slide program, “Fall and Winter in North Dakota’s State Parks”.  Saturday, September 1: Starting at 1 p.m. members of Custers 7th Memorial Cavalry will set up a military camp in the Park. During the afternoon, Park visitors will have a chance to see what a military camp was like during the time period when the West was being settled.  Cavalry members will also be present at the evening campfire program to answer questions and tell more about the history of Custers 7th Memorial Cavalry.  The evening campfire program will begin at 8:45 p.m. and will include film, “Red Sunday” about Custer and the battle of the Little Bighorn.  Sunday, September 2: 8:00 p.m. campfire program,  “Beaver Thompson Returns” a visit by the legendary character from the woods of the Sheyenne River Valley.  .

40 Years Ago...........1974
Butch Kracht, Enderlin, won the overall trophy at the Tractor Pulling Contest held at the Ransom Co. Fair on Monday night.  The contest was sponsored by the Enderlin Chamber of Commerce.  Butch, an employee of the Soo Line in Enderlin, was driving a Thieman tractor, date unknown, and managed a startling 137% efficiency. 
Mrs. Arville Huseby and family accompanied her parents the L.F Johnsons of Minot, to Ohio and Iowa to visit relatives and attend a wedding.

50 Years Ago............1964
Jim Clark won the annual men’s golf club tournament here last Sunday with a low score of 112 for 27 holes.  Clark also claimed medalist honors with a 34 first round. 
A new item on the Harvest Holidays program this year is the turkey barbeque.  This event will begin at 5 p.m. Sunday, August 30, in the Patrick Pierce Park.  The menu calls for barbequed turkey, baked potatoes, potato chips, baked beans, salad, rolls, coffee and pop.  There will be  an admission charge for the meal.
Immediately preceding the barbeque, the horse show will be staged across the highway from the park.  That event will begin at 2:30 Sunday afternoon.  Following the barbeque a free double-header softball game is on tap to conclude the three days of festivities.
Members of the Enderlin Kiwanis club will be on the sidewalks giving shoe shines and introducing an aerosol spray during the Harvest Holidays in Enderlin this weekend. Proceeds from the sale of the spray will go toward the Kiwanis club’s boys and girls work.
More than 500 baseball fans turned out last Friday, August 21, to watch some of the Indies “old timers” take on the 1964 Enderlin Indies.  
The old timers kept pace until later innings, when the Indies scored several runs to finish the game 14-7.  
Two pickup players assisted the two teams.  Jim Addelson and Eugene Fitzgerald both of Fargo participated in the antics of the evening.  Addelson is a television sportscaster and Fitzgerald is a sportswriter for the Fargo Forum.  
John Foss, Oakley Larsen and Wes Peterson were the big men with the stick.  Foss hit a towering home run over the highway.   Fitzgerald and Addelson handled the pre-game events at the field.

60 Years Ago............1954
Tommy Shelver, Curtis Hanson and Susan Peterson didn’t find out how nearly full the can was, but they learned that playing with matches is dangerous.
Curtis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hanson, Susan, daughter of Wes Peterson, and Tommy were playing in the Phil Shelver back yard last week.  They decided to build a fire.  A can labeled brake fluid, but apparently containing something else, was in the garage.  They got it out to pour on their kindling.  Tommy lit a match to see how much was in the can.  
Flames shot up, singing the eyebrows and front hair of the three youngsters.  Their hurts were minor, but Tommy says he and his playmates have sworn off matches.
A neighborhood kids water fight was going along moistly but harmlessly enough Monday afternoon until one of the kids threw a bottleful of water without taking it out of the bottle.
The bottle hit Lyle Fritz, 10, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fritz, on the forehead.  It made a gash that extended to his right eyelid, and required seven stitches.

80 Years Ago.........1934
Qualifying rounds to select three teams to compete in the City Horseshoe Tournament will be selected this week.  Four highest in each ward will constitute the team from that ward.  The tournament will be played Sunday, Sept. 9.
For further particulars see Albert Larson, Lawrence Nelson or Tim A. Francis.
For pencils tablets, fillers, covers and etc., go to Pederson and Pederson.
You get the 60-sheet note book fillers for .5 cents at Pederson and Pederson.
Food sale Saturday afternoon by the Inner Mission Auxiliary at Walsh’s Meat Market.
Things are so quiet in Austria just now that we are beginning to be afraid that somebody is up to something.

A View along 46 by Lois Trapp

I don’t know about you, but I have had it up to here with Dallas.  With 10,000 reporters covering what is essentially a non-event everything having been decided before the delegates arrived--their fertile minds have been hardpressed to find enough feature stories to fill the morning news show.  We have had cowboy hats, cowboy boots, chili, long horns, cowboy cheerleaders, oil, Texas money and the Dallas skyline for four days.
We understand that the island of Tahiti is being overrun by scientists and that the natives don’t like it very well.  They should worry.  Suppose it were college professors in stead of scientists.
If, as reported, Dallas businessmen put up four million dollars to help defray the cost of prettying up the town and beefing up security, they got their money’s worth of advertising.
From 1500 miles away, a couple of things struck my mind.  One was why a group dedicated to morality and “American Values” should chose old Sewer Mouth, Joan Rivers, to address the ladies luncheon.
I am probably a minority of one, (Johnny Carson thinks she is great) but to me she is one of the most boring, vulgar and tasteless entertainers around, although on TV she is considerably less raunchy than in her night club act.  What would happen if the Queen of England bought a couple of Paris originals and Liz Taylor lost 30 pounds?  All she would have left would be her “boobs” or her lack of it, and I’ve heard more about both than I really care to hear.
As to taste, in the true spirit of the Olympics, shortly after they started, she was decrying on the Carson show all the natives who left Los Angeles to escape the crowds and rented their homes to visitors.
On one side of her they rented to some Phillippines.  “Terrible--I had to lock up all my dogs.”
On the other side a Japanese-Italian family: They take their own mug shots.”
That has to be some kind of low in ethnic humor.  I hope she cleaned up her act for the Republican ladies.
Another low in good taste came last night when the Minnesota vice-chairman, in announcing the Minnesota vote, apologized for her state having given the nation Eugene McCarthy, Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale!
Several political commentators have noted that this has been a very negative convention, devoted to bashing the Democrats, from Roosevelt to Mondale. Jack Germond called Berry Goldwater’s speech the most “mean-spirited “ he had ever heard him make.
I did not hear the speech but I saw him on TV this morning.  I’ve always had a fondness for Goldwater but I could hardly believe what he was saying.
“The Russians have more ships and planes and tanks but I’d rather have one American soldier fighting beside me than ten Russians.
I’ve never seen such patriotism in the country as today.  I think it is due to those wonderful young people in the Olympics.”
That is not patriotism, it is jingoism, and one would expect a man of his age and experience to know the difference.  Patrioism does not consist in waving the flag and declaring Americans to be ten feet tall.
The fact that several world and olympic records have been broken in the games Russia is holding indicates the we would not have won all those golds if the Russians and East Germans had been there, is it unpatriotic to say so?  Would the country be less patriotic if we hadn’t swept the games?
It is not unpatriotic to be critical to point out where the system has problems.  That is what makes this a great country.  Neither is it un-American if you haven’t made it to affluence through the free enterprise system.  There are patriotic Americans in the soup kitchens tool.
At all political conventions things are writ twice as large as life.  No one takes them as seriously as do the participants.  Their primary value is as a sort of locker room pep talk to inspire the troops.
Neither party has a corner on excessive rhetoric either, but I do hope the Republicans don’ t leave Dallas convinced that God is a Republican and the American flag is his banner and their sole property.  Neither are Benedict Arnold, Lizzie Borden and the Hillside Strangler representative Democrats. 

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