Senior News
By: Marlyne Skramstad
There were 4 tables of whist on September 27. Winners were: Tied for 1st Place: Ethel Cramer and Marlyne Skramstad; 2nd Place: Merlin Skramstad; Low: Marge Schall.
Thursday, September 29, Marlyne Skramstad attended the 98th birthday of Olga Rasmusson at Fort Ransom, ND.
Saturday, October 1, Marlyne Skramstad met Robin Rasmusson of Valley City at Casselton and they went to Fergus Falls, MN for a baby shower for Marlyne’s oldest granddaughter, Amanda Wahl. On the way home Marlyne visited Bob and Sandy Hanson, Leonard, ND.
Sunday evening, October 2, Laura Mae Davidson, Gladys Dehn, Doris Aspelund, Marlyne Skramstad went to the Fine Arts Program at the College in Valley City.
Leonard News
By: Joan Blegen
Arlo and Doris Anderson left on Thursday, September 22nd for Mt. Morris, Wisconsin. They attended the Church Retreat for the Board of Rural Missions for the Moravian Church from Friday night, September 23rd through Sunday noon, September 25th. The theme for the Retreat was “Cross Training.” The Andersons returned home on Monday, September 26th.
Eileen Lee and her sister, Nola Griggs, Fargo, went to Jamestown on Monday, September 26th to visit Leila Anderson. Leila’s daughter, Roberta Anderson, Jamestown, had her mother, Eileen and Nola to her house for a noon lunch that day. Leila entertained the ladies with several beautiful piano selections that afternoon.
Sue Morey, Rothsay, MN, was an afternoon coffee guest of Hubert and Joan Blegen on Tuesday, September 20th.
Megan and Emily Johnson, West Fargo, spent from Friday, September 23rd through Monday, September 26th with their grandparents, Carol and Ernie Olson. On Saturday evening, Carol, Megan and Emily attended the Wedding Reception for Luke and Amanda Vangsness at the home of Luke’s parents, Jan and Sam Vangsness. The Olson’s grandson, Trevor Olson visited them several times during the days their granddaughters were there, so he could play with his cousins.
Hope Axvig visited her grandparents, Hubert and Joan Blegen on Monday afternoon, September 26th.
Frank Scott, Horace, visited Hubert and Joan Blegen on Friday morning, September 23rd.
Virginia Grady, West Fargo, visited Hubert and Joan Blegen on Monday morning, September 26th.
John Blegen, West Fargo, had dinner with his parents, Hubert and Joan Blegen three days last week. Spetember 23rd, 25th and 27th.
Linda Bendickson, West Fargo, visited Hubert and Joan Blegen in their home on Sunday afternoon, September 25th.
Amanda Welken and Ethan, West Fargo, visited Joan Blegen Wednesday evening, September 28th.
Nome News
By: Maxine Peterson
What a beautiful fall we are having. Trees are slowly changing colors, so beautiful. Farmers are also out harvesting, hope they all have a great crop or crops, as it is.
Late August 28 Michael and Mary Peterson, Denton Berntson and Dennis and Elaine Wadeson got on their motorcycles or trikes as it may be and went on a trip. They went around the neighboring states. They all had a good time.
Sunday, September 23 dinner guests at the Ken Ussatis home were Hal and Rayann, Ashley McLeod, Cole McLeod, Elisa Eckland and Rita Ussatis. A nice fun Sunday.
Kindnesss is the language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear…. be kinder than necessary today.
Funeral services were held for Donald Thoreson Monday, September 24, 2011. Our sympathy to his family.
Recently NancyAnn Johnson entertained at a coffee party. Guests were Maxine Peterson, Phyllis Storhoff, Loraine Forness and Ruth Christianson.