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Senior News by Marlyne Skramstad

3 tables of Whist and 4 ladies played Hand and Foot.  
Whist winners were;  1st-Roy Newman, 2nd-Phyllis Storhoff, 
Low-Mary Lemna.
Thursday, July 24, Marlyne took the Ransom County 
Bus to Fargo.  She met son, Rusty and Kim and her granddaughter, 
Amanda Wohl and they enjoyed lunch together and a great visit.
Later in the day, Marlyne visited Jare Maasjo and Helen 
Huseby at Edgewood.

Valley News by Irene Hoenhause

Thank you to Audrey Lester Staab, Alice Hanson and Christy 
Hoaby Swercycek for the birthday remembrance.  This rover turns 
88 or two miles from 90 so it has been a long pull with a lot of good 
memories also.  This Friday after a week of Pastors on vacation, 
here is Pastor Danielson of the Fort Ransom parish going to be on 
at Beverly Ann.  The Lord must have spoken to this rover to get her 
Fort Ransom and Daleyn Baaschs mowing done on Thursday which 
she did.  Alice Hanson would like a ride to the Service also.  She does 
not drive and hubby has had the affliction which causes him not to get 
behind the wheel.  Nancy Sours is a Saint by seeing Alice gets to town 
and other places so it is thanks to her.  Nancy works at the Beverly Ann 
so her sparkling attitude is great to behold.  Alice Heigelke is doing 
great at this Assisted place and is now getting her home and belongings 
ready for a sale.
According to Audrey Lester the heat is getting to everybody--up to 
103 and all next week in the 90’s with a few fires burning around the 
State of Washington.  Mavis Bjorgan and hubby Tim in the Montana 
area sold their home to move to Missoula, MT.  Their health is waning, 
so states Audrey a cousin.
This gal, new on a farm, was helping her hubby get ready to put a 
hog to his death with a 22 caliber rifle shell.  He sent her to the house to 
get a different shell as there are short and long.  He yelled, “Bring me 
some shorts.”  She ran and came back carrying one of his shorts instead 
of .22 caliber shells.  Could you live that down?
The door of the Eagles opens and in comes the most cheerful person 
and right over to the sisters Ilene and Irene.  He grabbed this rover’s 
hand and stated you are Hoenhause.  Here he was Jim Code from Kansas 
City and a weekly reader of the Valley News plus a retired dentist.  He 
motored up but had to get back even tho single, he states.  He is formerly 
from Lisbon as Ilene states she was in school with him.  Thanks for coming 
over with your friendly and smiling manner.  We need many like you.  
Charles Code, Adm. of the Vet. Home at one time, is his Dad. 
Pastor Danielson called and asked this rover if she was available to 
play at Beverly Ann Friday as Pastor Bushe was called away.  She picked 
up Alice Hanson and off to church where seated-was Alice Hiegelke ready 
for the playing and singing to begin.  There was a great crowd and in floats 
the Pastor ready to join the rest singing up a storm.  One of the gals who 
visited passed the music out and it is thanks to her.  Thanks to all that came 
for the great service and singing.  Irene went into “Greet All The People At 
Home” when the Pastor shook hands.  Then he sang another song like he 
did at the beginning when back some fifty years ago and finds these songs 
the old timers sang.
Pastor John Anderson and friend Mary zipped into the Veterans Home 
Saturday, helped Don Smith celebrate his birthday and a practice session 
with Irene developed.  This rover picked up Ruth Carlblom and joined 
Pastor John and friend at McLeod for a grand supper with hundreds of 
people.  There was Gary Gebhardt who stated years ago he came to the 
Hoenhause household and was asked if he had eaten-was invited in for 
dumpling soup.  Also a friend told of being at the Vets Home when the 
piano was roaring and a gal asked him to dance the waltz and polka so 
he nearly met his master being tired but fun.
Irene was called to meet sis Ilene Larson at the Eagles for her birthday 
supper and it is thanks to Ilene for a super meal.  Ilene’s daughter Deb 
Walker in West Fargo has a birthday the 23rd also so it is Happy Day to 
this rovers God child.  Also Happy Birthday to Mike Hoaby on July 9th 
as this rover slipped in with a home grown card and four bean salad, 
Mikes stomach pleaser.  He bounded into this rovers Thursday evening 
and there were Rob Backlins from Missoula, MT on vacation.
There comes this kid little Jimmy to church with his Mom.  His Mom 
told him he was not old enough to have bread and grape juice known as 
Communion.  When the offering was taken he held onto his dollar and stated, 
“If I can’t eat I won’t pay!.
Happy birthday to Roger Lester who is back in Saudi Arabia after 
trying retirement and did not like it.  He had been working in Saudi over 
twenty years.  He was called to come back to Saudi and it was not long 
before he was on the plane heading out. He works for a Saudi company 
who is a subcontractor Lockheed Martin, doing the exact same job as 
before except the situation and benefits are better.  His youngest son Rob 
is also working in Saudi and his family who is being taught English and 
French will soon join him from the Ohio home.  Rogers wife is also going 
over to spend a couple years with him.
Beverly Ann does not have any song books for church services so this 
rover placed an ad for a job so she could get the twenty books at $10.50 a 
piece.  Here came forth Carol Bass of the Veterans Home, Brenda Elijah, 
Don Williams, Frank Kordowsky and the entertainer Arnie Amundsen 
giving a great donation so we have a great start and it is super thanks.  
Irene has copies made by the First National and great gals which has been 
super but when you get hundreds of copies and they flit to the floor at times 
it is like a 52 card pickup.
These pesky birthdays keep popping up states Alan Lester of Fargo as 
he makes a card and sends to this rover.  It is thanks and it brought smiles 
as each section was read and the jokes along with it.  His wife Joanne has 
the yard in grandeur while he hits golf balls but-in between does great 
carpenter works for their home.  Joanne is flying to Boston in September 
for a New England bus tour.  His sis Audrey Staab like to hit the trail to 
Oklahoma to visit another brother and wife.
To stay young the doc says to exercise and eat good foods.  Ethel stated, 
REALLY, I thought he said we had to accessorize and wear nice boots.  
Alans version.
Happy birthday Crystal Lind and hope you had a great day.  Then there 
is Arlene and Duffy Hansen with a new home and it is congrats.  She and 
Crystal work at the First National Bank in Lisbon and do great in helping 
this rover out.
There is Linda and Jerry Schjelderup of Moorhead hitting the homes 
and what not for entertainment and helping those that need it.
Oh, my gosh word to Ilene Larson from Ellen Koal at Aurora, Colo.  
states she is very busy.  She does keep in contact with daughter Sheryl and 
all is well.
It is that time of the year when snakes appear and most people do not 
want anything to do with them.  When Daleyn Baasch was about 3, he came 
carrying one of them to this Grams who was babysitting.  Irene has never 
cared about those crawly things.  There was this Mom snake inside a rotten 
log laying a dozen eggs.  That mom King snake would have been in prison 
if a human.  She lays the eggs and skims off and never comes back to them.  
They raise themselves.  A sharp bone like the head of a needle breaks thru 
the shell and out comes the snake with the bone falling off.  Takes about 
three days and all are on their own crawling in the sun looking for good 
such as spiders and what not.  Into their jaws the insects go and the snakes
flourish.  If it gets hot 90 like this Valley of late, they burrow under a tree 
stump--they are cold blooded reptiles so the heat of their bodies change 
with the temp about them.  They die in a hurry if too hot.  In a few days, 
unlike humans they shed their skin which they do every year and it leaves 
them blind, for a few hours.  They flicker their tongue often to draw in 
chemicals from the air so they can smell other creatures good or bad.  
My ackin’ back.  The king snake met a brown snake dies and into the 
Kings snake gullet it went leaving a swollen body until it was digested.  
Enough of snakes, this rover does not like them either although Dad 
Ted Hoaby would pick one up, hold it by the head, put some snuff in its 
mouth and soon it was dead.
The 4th of July this rover was asked by some ladies if she would 
come and play at the Beverly Ann.  She went.  Singing went on and in 
comes Pastor Jewel to sing and not to preach he said.  It was a wonderful 
4th without a lot of booming fireworks.
Here it is Sunday and in comes Arnie after a couple weeks vacation 
along with Irene to furnish music for the church service at the Vet Home. 
 Pastor Swanholm was on and did a good job on sin and forgiveness as the 
Lord knows it.  Mary Ann was also on with her guitar to join Irene and 
Arnie.  After the service Ellery got his “Cab Driver” long in the fullest 
strength which made him happy.
Someone informed this rover the tongue should never outrun the mind.
Veteran Home entertainment siege was on with the Lisbon Gospel 
Trio, Pastor John, Arnie and Irene Monday.  It was the biggest surprise 
of a life time when this river walked in and there was Arnie all set up, 
Brenda with a array of balloons in the air and a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY 
SIGN on the wall.  It was two days from Irene’s 88th birthday and 52 years 
playing at the Veteran Home.  Arnie and Irene hit the old songs and in comes 
the fiddler to add a lot more of them, Pastor John Anderson.  Pretty soon two 
beautiful girls Ava and Ellie Baasch came over with beautiful plants and a 
floating something in the air.  Their Grandpa Bass and Grandma Carol 
Bass sat smiling as Brenda took pictures of Irene’s great ones.  Then sis 
Ilene was called upon to do her playing and singing and she had niece.  
Linda Hoaby with her plus in the beginning niece Bea Hoaby working 
there helping arrange things.  A large birthday cake written “Happy Birth 
50th-All cards and gifts-one signed by all residents and its thanks for 
all that came and everything else that transpired.

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