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Senior News by Marlyne Skramstad
No Whist or Hand and Foot was played Sept. 2 due to the Labor Day Holiday.
Sunday, August 31, Marlyne Skramstad drove to Valley City, ND, where she met daughter, Robin Rasmusson and 3 of her great granddaughters.  All of them traveled to Story Book Land in Aberdeen, SD to spend the day.  They returned home the same day.  Marlyne spent part of Labor Day with them and returned home Monday afternoon, Sept. 1st.
A large crowd attended Jim Nelson’s funeral on Wednesday, September 3.  We extend condolences to Ruby and her family.
Wednesday evening September 3, Enid Hanson’s daughter-in-law, Darla came from Williston, ND to spend a few days with her.
Memorials:  For; Doug Ogelsby, From; Alice Dalos.  For; Jim Nelson, From; Alice Dalos, Rita Cole, Marlyne Skramstad.

Valley News by Irene Hoenhause

       Here it is another week which this rover was going to take a break from the newspaper but she finished her reading book and the wine was just taking off with a ballon on top so back to the typewriter.   She found Pastor Norm family was headed to Fargo.   She asked him if he wanted Sunday off at the Vets Home as Pastor John could take over.  He is Chaplain at the Veterans Home so should take over the Preaching now and then.  Well, here is Labor Day weekend and it is thanks to the Pastors for being at all the homes.  This Friday at Beverly Ann was Pastor Danielson with a good message.  Arnie and Irene provided the notes flying in the air with the residents singing up a storm.    Alice Hanson accompanies this rover for the service and went anad saw Alice Hiegelke who was ready to come.  Sunday there was a crowd of birthday wishers for Marlys Dick as she turned another year at Beverly Ann.  the music machine was carried to the front and in comes the Duo Irene and Arnie to softly send music as everyone enjoyed the strawberry shortcake and visiting.  Happy Day Maryls!
Apples are ripening on some trees and falling to the ground.  Fall must be upon us as rain hits and maybe soon snow. Rains have caused a stopping of combines and made mud in the fields so combines choke as they try to master peas crops.  The area is pretty green and the mowers know they have a super job to do cutting the grass.  Thursday in comes Jennifer Baasch Polehemus and Scott and Jessica from Perry Michigan to spend nearly a week.  It was chilly at times so even the furnance kicked off.  They zoomed into Ilene Larsons and she said she fixed eggs and what not for the brunch.  On Sunday a birthday party for Jen and Scott was held at the Golf Course.  The food was super and the service unbeat as a cook and waitress took care of abpout twenty people in short order at noon.  There were Andy Hoenhauses Carter, Brandon and Spencer, Harv and Kathy Hoenhause, Grant and Dana Baasch, Daleyn Baasch, Jeanette and daughter plus the Baasch sisters Ava and Ellie, Jody Hoenhause and Brooke, Jennifer, Scott and Jessica Polehemus and Irene Hoenhaus.  The red cake which Evelyn Baasch was famous for was there but only had four candles on for Jennifers 40th birthday.  Congrat, to Jen on her big four-0.  They are building a new home in Michigan.  They have a barn built on their acreage.  They visited the Andy Hoenhauses and said with his new home on Rock Hill gave them many interesting features thay can use.  They then zipped into the Mitch Hoenhause to take a look at the new huge building which would make a great dance hall plus visit at their home nestled in the Valley.  Dean Baasch crew had just put a cement floor in the building so did a great job.  Dean sailed around on the floor of cement leveling it with a machine even Irene could run.  Pizza Ranch was next Monday and was super with Scott, Jen, and Jessica Polehemus and Irene.  Tuesday morn off they went to catch a plane in Fargo and steam home to Michigan leaving this rovers house empty of people.  A ringing of the cell phone as this rover left the piano keys at Maryhill finds the family hit their home in Michigan in fine shape and then the phone cut off and Irene back to the piano.  Oh, they joined Dean and Daleyn for an evening out at the Eagles.
Jim and Chuck Hoaby were on at the Fair doing music justice with their special talent.  They were with the Whiskey 7 and probable did Rock the World as Jim hits the drum with velocity very few can do and Chuck the guitar without a doubt he has the right note for whatever tune is played.  they have been at it many years playing and singing.  They are the son of Marvin Hoaby who passed away at 34 as well as their Mom Joann at an early age.  Their Mom and Dad were both very musical.  Joann awas one of the group that started the Kitchenaire Band that roved the country many, many years at Nursing homes.  Dad Marv spent over twenty years in the Air Force and had his guitar always handy and sang.  He taught all his boys to sing and play at a very early age.
There was Pastor Swanhome Wed for church at Parkside and LAHS.  He did an instrument accompanyment.  Thanks to all that came.
Quality, you did get rid of the red light on this rovers van.  Thanks for doing the work and the offer to drive her to play at the two homes.  They are a friendly team at this new business place in Lisbon.  We need them and now I know they can fix things.
“Shame on you Irene for sending a card with a snow picture so early as I will soon have to look for Long Johns”, was the word from Alan Lester of Fargo.  “We enjoyed the Valley news story and now a few shirt tail relatives will know we are alive.”  His sister Audrey Staab says she is goinh to make the trip from her Colville, WA before the snow sifts in.  She has been picking garden stuff and there is fruit out there but seems some chilly temps hit there also.
They are the family of Hazel Lester who passed away in Oklahoma in a Nursing Center where Lyle Lesters were close by to check on her.  “Thanks for the Valley News,” states Alan.
Looks like September 15 the Gospel Trio will be at the Veterans home displaying their wares for a fun time.  This is a Monday at 2:00.  Pastor John steamed to this house for a run of the mills supper before he headed for Fargo.  He tuned up the fiddle and sawed off hoe-downs which was used at Maryhill and the Vet home along with Arnie and Irene.  They are not loquacious about their relationship with one another except for Irene. 
“Our home is smaller than yours but would love to have you come and visit,” Mary Pinada Hoaby states and she likes California for its nice weather, Los Angeles is bigger and its easy to find everything we need also the beach is so beautiful and next to our Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Disney Land University Studios, etc..Come see”.  This is the Scott and Mary Haoby family relating their living quarters and life.
Congrat to Alisia Feland of Lisbon High School as she received a $500 award scholarship in the ND Dollars for Scholars for local students.  Her Mom Tiff is the painter and lives close to Irene on Rock Hill.
Now to the birthday party of the month at Maryhill, enderlin.  The Lisbon Gospel Trio skimmed in, Pastor John, Arnie and Irene for the music.  It was well atended and birthdays were announced--Beverly Larson, Irwin Anderson, Muriel Hamre and sung to so its Happy Day to all of them for a great year.  When the music ended here caomes Sherrie and Melody with a can of refreshment to get the players a zip in their steps and it is thanks.
Last Sunday Pastor Danielson zoomed into the Veteran home for the church service with the Duo ready to swing plus Maryann and her guitar.  It was super service with Arnie providing his usual songs as Irene hit the keys.  Ruth Carlblom accompanied this rover.  Mr. Knapp was on deck to help with whatever needed it and here was Don Smith with his candy box handing out energizers.  Thanks to all that helps.  We are sorry Pastor Bush is leaving and may god help them as they go on their way to another reversion in life.  May the affliction in their familybe taken care of.  Do you know when he came to Lisbon to the Assembly of God he was at the Veterans home and this rover iniatiated him into  the world of our town and he did a great job of singing.  There is always a miss when a Pastor leaves.
Alethe Krausestates her views as they leave for a new place:  “From Treasure Valley we are leaving.  We have lived here for awhile.  To a distant State we are going.  We’ll travel for many a mile.  Here we had troubles and strife.  The desert we are leaving behind.  so we can have a better life on the otherside of the mountain that we have gone around so many times.  Now it is time for the milk and honey, that the Lord has promised we’d find.  The days may not all be right and sunny, a few clouds there will surely be, going back to a colder State and County.  Back to South Dakota our old home where the Indians and Buffalo did roam.  “Alethe and family are now settled and she is waiting for her sewing machine to get a needle in it so she again can sew.  Thanks for her letters as not too many take time to write.  Received a very nice one from Scott Hoabys in California and she even thinks about Fargo as a new move.  Sometime ago they were here visiting and loves the area but of course it was not winter.  Scott is the son of the former Ernest Hoaby teaching at NDSC before leukemia took his life at 34.
Oh, my ackin’ back.  Irene drove on a side street to find a huge something in her way.  She stopped, picked the sucker up and got it in her car.  It was rumpled mess and if a car hit it there could be repercussions.  She pulled into Teals and there stood two young guys.  She called them over and they were Rick Carter and his friend.  They laughed and stated it must be off of a Hoenhause semi but were happy to see it was picked up by this rover who took it home to the shop where it will be flung in the junk whatever it is.  They knew but Irene can’t remember what they called it.  
There was Mike Lewis at Trinity opening the door for this  attender and got acquainted.  He stated, “I like this town, been here about three years and has a son in Fargo and daughter.”  Very friendly person to meet.
Alice Hanson enjoyed the church service at Beverly Ann on Friday with Pastor Danielson.  She does not drive so Nancy Sours sees she gets to town and it is thanks to her.  Irene stopped and visited Nancy and her wrist she had the misfortune of breaking it is doing fine.  Then this rover skimmed on to pick Alice up.
Alice Bartell of rural Gwinner states onions are ready in the fields and that means you can do a pick-job.  This rover still has some that lasted since last fall so they are keepers.  Alice states her life is downhill but the boys Milton and Tim keep her going so life isn’t all that bad.  Miltons shoulder surgery is trying to heal if he will let it.
Canning and more canning takes Dorothy Anderson to her sons Danny and Sharon Andersons to help and get veggies.  She hopped along in their vehicle and steamed to Fargo with them on business, otherwise she is a home body.
Mr. And Mrs. Lehman are living at Parkside now and who should visit them but Evelyn Hitchcock.  May they get the affliction on the healing list.  They are in a super place and we hope to see them at the church service 9:00 Wed. morn.
Oh-Oh, young ones must read the Valley News.  Irene left Brandon and Carter  Hoenhauses name as they attended Dexters 10th birthday party at his home the Mitch Hoenhause.--SORRY
There were Cheryl and Margaret Dagman to visit Sunday at Evelyn Hitchcocks.  Evelyn stated she attended brunch at Trinity Church and also rode with the above to Fort Ransom.
Marvel Jones slips in the Valley now and then to visit the Ernest Carters and Dennis Jones.  Irene also made a visit there and their son who passed away is causing a miss in their life without the help plus the sadness of losing Tom.
Maryann Bartell does a lot of great things in this town of Lisbon.  She took a flower out of her gorgeous garden and steamed to Evelyn Hitchcocks for a visit and the gift.
Now is the time to get stung by a bee.  Grab a slice of onion and hold on it and it will so do the trick.
When you try to drive a nail or staple into a hard oak--just start it take it out and spray WD-40 in the started hole and presto it will pound quite easily.

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