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Senior News by Marlyne Skramstad
Three tables of Whist  and four ladies played Hand and Foot 
Tuesday April 8.
Winners in Whist were:
Tied for 1st place: Mary Lemna, Roy Neuman.
2nd place: Edel Johnson
Low: Millie Morrison
Memorial for: Payton Adams from Lorene Wallner.
Wednesday April 9, Ethel Cramer and Marlyne Skramstad 
were at Maryhill to help Norbert Laber celebrate an early 90th 
Sunday, April 6th Norbert Laber’s family and wife celebrated 
an early 90th birthday - his birthday is April 16th - Norbertt’s daughter, 
Kari Huntington, Janseville, WI, has spent the past week with Norbert 
and Lois Laber. She will return home Sunday April 13th.

Valley News by Irene Hoenhause
Would you believe a development in a sore throat could turn into a 
fiasco?  This rover didn’t.  She had to play Parkside Wednesday morn 
for church but that did not stop anyone from hitting the piano keys.  
A Pastor did not get the message that he was on so there was proxy 
Christy Urboch doing the sermon, doing great along with many songs 
lifting the spirit of the day. Where there is a will there is a way and 
the Lord was there giving the go ahead - wasn’t he? Then after church 
this rover zipped into an office at Parkside and there was Tammy Iwen 
ready to help out and she did by calling the Swing Bed rounding up Pat 
Olafson. Thank you Tammy, you did wonders. Pat got the message and 
had a Pastor Jewuel there when Irene opened the door.  “Ask and you 
shall be given”, isn’t this out of the Bible?   The services were both great 
and thanks to all for the help and Rhonda at Parkside also. 
Back to the sore throat or hoarseness. Horrible news of Irene’s 
cousin Tom Carter passing came into being Wed., so the throat problem 
was minor at the time.  She zipped to Tom’s folks the Ernest Carter’s 
and no one was home but this rover went back later.  Tom was this rovers 
right hand lawn mower man.  He was so good about helping everyone 
with not only mower problems but yard work besides, he was a saint to 
his folks and all his neighbors.   This rover would invite him to the valley 
for a meal she was preparing but he had a lot of work to do. His Dad just 
showed me hs building he had to put up to work on the machines and it 
was beautiful but now with the collapsible side door, he will never walk 
in. He was very neat - just look at his gardens in past years. He will be 
missed but God must have a lot of work for him to take him so suddenly. 
Now back to the hoarseness which did not stop this rover from talking 
but arriving home from the Carters the throat was so sore she could not 
swallow water. Thursday off to the clinic to find out pneumonia was the 
culprit so off to bed pretty steady for a few days, after the shots and pills 
and to be back there the next day.  She did to find the one who treated 
her sick - do you catch the stuff that quickly? Instead of going home her 
playing session at Beverly Ann was suppose to be over so over she went, 
thinking sitting at a piano can’t hurt anything and after treatment it was 
not suppose to be catchy. Pastor Norm bounced in after Irene had routed 
him out and informed him of his duty there. She had copies made of “The 
Family of God”  and that was his sermon with all the young deaths.   He 
did great and the residents sang with gusto. An appointment was made on 
Monday so on back to bed until Sunday. Ilene Larson called with some 
saurkraut that may help her affliction so the car was started Sunday and 
off this rover went, picked up Ruth Carlblom and decided to play for church 
at the  Vet Home. There was Arnie Amundson in full swing ready to get 
back at his bass and singing and doing great.  Pastor Norm gave the sermon, 
Pastor Quibell was there and Pastor McGurdy to help with the great crowd 
for communion as well as Mr. Knapp. Mary Ann joined Irene and Arnie to 
keep music in full tempo. Thanks to all that came for a great church service 
and a full house.
The mudslide at Arlington, WA did hit home. Norm Hoaby’s wife Louise 
was from there with  two sisters. Christy Hoaby Swercyck heard from Cousin 
Harold who is part of the rescue operation and sounded exhausted.  Sister 
Francis son Richard daughter lost several family members: her husband’s 
sister and her husband, two young boys ages 4 and 6 and parents in law. 
Christy hopes our valley hills are more stable.
Christy Swercyek drove to Minneapolis with daughter Ana one weekend 
from their Papillion, NE home. Christy arrived back home and visited Candy 
Hoabys (Homstad) oldest daughter Katie who has a job at a medical center in 
Papillion.   She lives with Candy and daughter Kassidy... Brandi Samdahl, 
daughter of Bea Hoaby Schildberger,, and family steamed down to Omaha 
to see Chris and Tony’s son Sam in a musical at the Omaha Community 
Chris stated Cathy Hoaby’s lake house by Alexandria, MN burned down 
so a total loss. Cathy is daughter of the former Ernest Hoaby living with her 
family by the lake. 
Linda Schjelderup states hubby Jerry is battling a cold so it puts a cramp 
in their going and singing with their band all over Fargo.
Happy Easter to all and there is Maria at Teals Grocery doing her duty 
and shedding friendly cheer around. Ellen Kval of Aurora, CO sent a wish 
from the Easter bunny. She keeps busy with books and whatnot and visiting 
daughter Sheryl. She loves to get ready for Easter and it makes her happy. 
She has been coloring eggs and gathering candy to share. Happy Easter to 
you girls too - from the Lisbon Valley. 
A Pastor had a small daughter watching him prepare his Sunday sermon. 
“Daddy, does God tell you what to say?” “Yes, honey, of course he does.” 
“If that is the case, why are you scratching out so much?”
Alice Hiegelke just spent Sunday doing what she had to do as she was 
getting something new in the basement -  brand new hot water heater.
There was Chrystal and Chris Lind and family at Trinity recently so the 
whole family was visited with.  Chrystal does a great job at the First National 
Bank in Lisbon. 
Two year old Spencer Hoenhause liked the thought of his Mom Tiff 
loading him on the wagon and hitting a probable half mile to Grandma 
Renes house on Sunday.  She said the walk was great. She found treats but 
no Irene.  Seems this rover had spent part of the week giving pneumonia a 
bed partner but decided to get some fresh air driving. Tiff stated they would 
return and was informed of Dean Baasch’s birthday party Tuesday 15th at 
the Eagles - 6:00.
Calving has begun in the area and one farmer stated how much better 
the weather was this year than last.  Seems cold, snow, wind hit last season.
It made farmers brow furor as most do not have room in barns for the hundreds 
of cows. Deer just sort of disappeared into the valley since the warm temps. 
Turkeys are squawking so they are back in the saddle waiting for hunter to 
discover them for a great meal. 
The Lisbon Gospel Duo Arnie and Irene were spreading their wings 
Tuesday as they hit for the church service at Maryhill. Arnie sung hymns 
plus read the Easter story. The residents chose songs when all of a sudden  
the door opens and in comes Pastor Juwle Nagbe  with a great sermon on dry 
bones and how the Lord does wonders with them. “How Long Has It Been” 
was Arnie’s song and then it was cheering and lunchtime. Thanks to all for 
Pam Soholt did a wonderful job singing at her brothers funeral Tom 
Carter and she did spend a few more days with her folks, the Ernest Carters 
from her Mayville home. Sympathy to the family of Tom Carter and also 
Roger Louden. They will be missed like a golden spike in a wheel.
Pizza Ranch here we come - and there were Dorothy Anderson, Halan 
and Sandy Volk, Charles and Marlene Jorgenson, Joe and Mavis Brademeyer.  
It was a super meal and visiting session. 
Dorothy put on an extra sweater and zipped in and visited Ethel 
Anderlon at South Oak. 
The door opened and there were Harold and Dorothy Jorgenson from 
Lidgerwood for a great visit with Dorothy Anderson.  To Enderlin next week....... 

Leonard News by Joan Blegen

Heidi Denzel, Dalton, MN spent Friday, April 4th with her parents, 
Hubert and Joan Blegen.  She was a dinner guest of theirs in their home at 
Frank Scott, Horace, visited Hubert and Joan on Saturday morning, 
April 5th.  
Don Westman, West Fargo, called on Hubert and Joan Blegen on Monday, 
April 7th. 
John Blegen, West Fargo had breakfast with his father, Hubert Blegen on 
Wednesday and Thursday mornings, April 9th and 10th in West Fargo.  He 
had dinner with his parents, Hubert and Joan Blegen in their home on Tuesday 
and Thursday, April 8th and 10th.  
Frank Scott, Horace, visited Hubert and Joan Blegen the morning of 
Thursday, April 10th. 

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